Web and Database Hosting

We established our business in the U.S. when the Windows 98 was released and Steve Jobs introduced the first product after his return to Apple. We’d like to serve our local business partners for another 20 years or more with the newest technologies – mobile gadgets, phones, tablets, computers, office infrastructure and the emerging field of data cloud, data mining and new applications – along the way.

We have prepared a special web and database package for our local project partners. Details are available here.

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Web and application development prices (updated)

There is no two identical projects or software products. There is no simple way to make an accurate estimate of the effort required to develop an application. We have to make initial estimates on the basis of user requirements. Technically it is used only to define your project budget, and the product will be adjusted so that the budget figure is realised. This is why you will not find fixed price tags on the web sites of custom software developers. As an indicative price we can say that a small project takes around 3-5 weeks, and usually costs around $10,000.

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