Question: I am trying to build an iPhone application for distribution on iTunes app store. I figured out how to build a Release version (ie. Archive) but “xxxxx does not contain a single–bundle application or contains multiple products. Please select another archive, or adjust your scheme to create a single–bundle application.” error pops up during Validation. Project environment: Xcode 4 project, Mac Book Pro, OS X 10.6.6. Project builds with no error and proper provisioning file is used. Two custom static libraries are built with no errors and linked perfectly.

Answer: Xcode 4 rebuilds your static libraries and probably deploys them as multiple products into the bundle.

1. Open the static library project. Scroll down to the Deployment group in the Build Settings.

Xcode 4 project navigator

Select dependent project(s) in the Project Navigator

2. Find “Skip Install” and set to YES.

Xcode 4 Archive error

Dependent project's settings in Xcode 4

3. If you have more dependent project, repeat these steps for all of them (i.e. at static library projects).


- The app is expected to be deployed so do not change the Skip Install’s No to YES there. Change at the dependent projects only.

How to build and submit iPhone app to AppStore with Xcode 4